Sustain Mode Envelopes

The release portion of the envelopes in sustain mode dont seem to be working, and are greyed out.

Is there a way to activate them? When I release a key the envelope does not follow the release portion , it keeps sustaining. Tried with the amp, pitch and filter envelopes. Couldnt find anything in the manual.

I’ve noticed this too. I’m using Groove Agent4 Se.
Can’t make any sense of the sustain setting.
Probably used for loops, hardly any of the kits I make use loops though.
I’ve been changing the mode to “one shot” because I can’t figure it out.
The envelopes seem to function fine in one shot mode.

Glad someone else noticed also.
For most percussive sounds one shot works fine. However I like mapping pitched samples over a key range and using the great audio warp feature. It would really help to have the release portion working properly to be able to play these kinds of samples musically!

Think I figured it out.
On the Sample page, set the loop mode to “Until Release.”
Then on the Amp page, use the “Sustain” setting.
Now the Amp envelope settings should control the volume as you would expect.
Seems to work here.

Great that works! The only issue is the sample then loops but its easy enough to set the loop ranges to 0.
Thanks for the workaround!