Sustain not working on some VSTs

Hello All,

Although I have been recording for sometime, I am pretty much new to midi.

I noticed that my sustain pedal (CC #64) doesn’t work with some VSTs. I mean they receive the CC but notes just don’t sustain.

I use a few sample libraries from kontakt as well. So was confused if Cubase can only sustain VSTs that support sustain or something like that? Or is it because the samples in the library themselves are not sustained notes? Or am i missing so other setting?

Thank you. Any help will be much appreciated.


I think this is normal. I don’t use a sustain pedal, I think mostly people who learned to play on a piano do, right?

Cubase passes the midi messages to the Virtual Instrument making the sound, it’s up to that instrument as to what and how it responds. If you can find the documentation that info is in the back and is called midi implementation.

A keyboard synth like the motif line for example does pianos and comes with a sustain pedal input but I don’t think pure synth instruments like moog has a sustain pedal input.

thanks for the reply tacman.

Although. was still confused if the sample library is supposed to be sustain capable or the vst that hosts the sample library?

Not sure that knowledge would have any use, as far as you interact with the VSTi not the library.

Thinking about what sustain is, holding the damper off the strings and letting them resonate. A digital instrument can’t do that and has to emulate it in some fashion. Some instruments didn’t do any emulation at all if they thought it wouldn’t be usable.

I don’t know, getting too esoteric for me.
search that link for sustain