Sustain pedal and few more questions.

Hi, I’ve just started testing Cubase and I’ve encountered few problems. First- when I use my digital piano(Roland HP 506) as a controller and HALion generator then sustain pedal doesn’t work, it mutes sound completely instead of sustaining it, pedal works fine in some other installed VSTs. Second thing- how can I import midi directly into VST plugin? And last thing- how can I replace instrument/generator(for example from HALion into other one)track with other one?

The Roland synths I’ve used have had this odd thing - when all keys are released, last one up - then keyboard sends a allnotesoff-thingy. This caused a lot of issues in midi equipment.

Workaround for me was to have top key fixed down - with a piece of adhesive tape.
Then the allnotesoff was never sent because all keys are never up.

I know there are midi plugins that fix this thing also, that filter this out.

Don’t know if this remains in your Roland unit though.

Last thing - if you use VST Instrument channels, the rack, you have separate midi tracks and can easily choose another synth as output for midi on each midi track.

Thanks I’ll look into it.

Sorry but I still can’t find it, I’m total noob in this, could you be more speciffic how to replace this?
Also what about importing midi directly into VST plugin?
Edit: I menaged to replace instrument via adding another VST into instruments menu(F11) and then choosing it from the list on the left after choosing speciffic track. I still don’t know how to import directly into VST chosen by me. Also I have a problem with channels. I have midi files with more than 10 channels and I want to use East West orchestra plugin but it has only 8 channels avaible, how can I walk around this?