sustain pedal bug in Cubasis 1.7 for iPad

I believe there is a serious bug with the midi-recording of sustain pedal events in Cubasis 1.7.
To make that clear, I am NOT complaining about the fact that Cubasis does not directly record the sustain information but maps this information on the length of every note - I understand (and hate as so many others) this feature and the need for it as long as there is no list-editor in cubasis.

However it seems that the sustain pedal release event is sometimes missed by the system - this results in hanging notes, that play forever (effectively notes that are very long). These “hanging notes” have a duration up to 20 seconds or even until the end of the recording - although in that time-span there should have been several sustain release events - so if the first release was missed, later coming release events are ignored as well. However some of these “hanging notes” do not hang until the end of he song - I did not find any rule when or why they suddenly stop.

This bug does not happen with every sustain event - but it happens frequently. It normally does not happen, if you play just one note (monophon) - but if you play a typical piano piece (several notes together with frequest pedal work) it happens in every recording.

Possible reason:
It might be that my keyboard is sending several subsequent sustain pressed events and only one release event - this could be a result of "half-pressing the pedal as you can see it often with piano players. However this is just a wild guess that could explain the problem. However sustain is either on (pressed) or off (released), so every release event should release (stop) all notes that are not still held.

I can be reproduce this bug using the midi ports from my interface (NI Komplete Audio 6) as well as by connecting my stage piano directly to the iPad (the Kawai has a USB/Midi-Port <-> Camera Connection Kit).

Using the same keyboard, the same audio interface but a macbook and Cubase LE, there is no problem, so this should not be be a hardware-related problem.

Can you confirm that this is a bug in Cubasis 1.7?

Best regards!

My System:
iPad 3, iOS 7.04, Cubasis 1.7, Kawai MP4, NI Komplete Audio 6

I second this problem. I’ve tried multiple keyboards too. Definitely a bug.

I’ve also had this issue when using the touchscreen pads for chords WITHIN Cubasis, so the only sustain has been me holding my finger down on the pads. It’s very frustrating, as it requires a time-consuming manual ‘clean up’ of the midi part afterwards.

How do you “clean up” the parts afterwards? This bug has ruined Cubasis for me and I pretty much stopped using it, grinding my music endeavors to a halt.

As of 1/25, the problem using a sustain pedal has NOT gone away. Please see another post entitled " pedal bug with external keyboard" for more on this. So far, no response from Steinberg that I can find on when/if this will be fixed. :angry:

Yep it is still a bug in cubasis 2.7

I love cubabis overall, great stuff.

But, this sustain pedal is real bummer.

To Steinberg: Any roadmap on getting this fixed.

Cubasis is really great for recording parts like drums, bass, strings, simple keyboard parts, but it is a NOGO for a real piano player that uses sustain pedal as an integral tool for expression and phrasing,

I read this on one site-
What’s new in Cubasis v1.8:

The sustain pedal is now recorded as MIDI events

Nevertheless, I am still encountering this with a Montage and Cubasis 2.8 with piano recording.

Any ideas how to resolve?

Hi Grischa + All,

Please use the free update Cubasis 2.7 version.

Sustain works as expected with external and internal keyboard in 2.7, iOS 12.2 + Midimate II external midi interface.

The sustain data is recorded as CC64 data and is displayed in the midi editor in the controller list under CC 64.

  • The recorded midi note will be recorded in the length of time you hold down the key on your external or internal keyboard.
  • The sustain data is as long recorded as the sustain pedal is pressed.

If your sustain data is not recorded, it is probably due to your external midi interface.

As far as I remember the implementation of sustain was wrong in cubasis version 1.7

Please let us now if it’s gone after you update to Cubasis 2.7

Cubasis 2.8 has not yet been published.