Sustain Pedal [CC64] not being recorded in Cubase AI 10.5

Irrespective of which VST I use, when I play the keyboard, the sustain pedal works fine, also when I’m recording the MIDI track, I can hear it works, but the CC64 parameter is not registered after the recording is done and as a result I have no sustain.

I tested in another DAW and I can record with any VST and sustain will be recorded just fine.

All of this leads me to the conclusion the problem is in Cubase itself. So what should I do to fix this issue?

Hi and welcome,

Most often, this happens, if you have a Mackie Control Device as a Remote Control enabled and your MIDI Port is set as an Input (by accident).

Open Studio > Studio Setup. Can you see Mackie Control in the Remote Devices folder here? If yes, double check, the MIDI Input is set to None, or just remove the Mackie Control device completely.

If this is not the case, double check all MIDI Remote devices here in the folder.

Last option would be to check the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter. Make sure MIDI Controllers filter is not enabled or specifically CC64 is not filtered out here.

SImply opening the MIDI editor and selection the CC64 (sustain) channel solved the issue, I didn’t need to do anything else. By the way, the sustain information was already being recorded, but it was not playing back.

Did you find a solution for the playback problem? Cubase 10.5 is recording the sustain from my yamaha p125, but there is no sustain in my midi playback. i checked all preferences and i even reseted the Midi settings. No sustain…still. My CC64 is active. I also can draw the sustain in the midi editor, but there is no playback.

I remember this problem quite well. On Cubase 10.5 specifically, there was nothing else I needed to do, I just opened the MIDI editor and selected CC64 and it magically worked.

But want my advice? Ditch Cubase if you can. It’s the industry champion when it comes to bad UX, unintuitive UI, moving buttons and tools every major release and giving you a giant middle finger when you need support. It works against you rather than in your favor.

Thank God I moved on.