Sustain Pedal CC64 not working in Cubase 8.5

CC64 transmitted from my sustain pedal should be only on and off, but my Cubase 8.5 is recording continuous midi messages. I have checked my pedal and it is set to transmit switch, not continuous data. I have also checked it on Cubase 6.5, Cubase 6.5 records on and off messages only, so it must be Cubase 8.5 issue. Or is there a setting in Cubase that can fix this?


What Values does your Pedal send? As far as I know, there was a change in Cubase in Past. Some Sustain Pedals (for example on some Yamaha Digital Pianos) can use continuos data. Or for example 4 ranges of Sustain level. This is for more realistic Sustain Pedal emulation.

So it’s the question of the HW Sustain Pedal, what data does it send. Btw, film you need to, you can change it via the Input Transformer in Cubase.

Does it happen to look like this?
midi editor.jpg

Yes something like that, but mine has more data points meaning it is a continuous stream of data, yours look more like a few set values.

Thanks. I am using a Roland sustain pedal, it has a mini switch on the side that you can switch between continuous or switch mode. used in Cubase 6.5, cc message recorded is just on and off; I am quite sure it cannot send several ranges of sustain level. So if I want to change this I need to use the input transformer? And where is the global midi input transformer page?

Like Martin is saying, Cubase simply records the output of the pedal. If the pedal is in switch mode it should only transmit 0 and 127.

Cubase used to limit cc64 values to 0 and 127, but that was changed to accommodate pedals like the Roland you are using, which can transmit more values than on and off.

I know, this is the strange part; the sustain pedal works fine in Cubase 6.5 but not in Cubase 8. I have two pedals, both Roland, one capable of outputting continuous data and the other just a straight switch pedal, they both behaved the same. So I doubt it is the problem of the pedal.

Did you check this in a midi monitor program outside of Cubase? Like Midi OX or MIDI Monitor?

That is about as clean as I could get it. I could show photos having more data points, but that’s beside the point.

Sorry I can’t help, but I concluded my problem originates from my controller, a Studio Logic VMK 188 plus. For proof, I can take any pedal and connect it to any of my synthesizers and record the midi on/off in Cubase and it behaves as a switch sustain pedal should behave. But if I plug any of my pedals into the Studio Logic, then record in Cubase I get the problems shown above.

As Steve said check it in MidiOX, and have you checked it with another controller to eliminate the chance the problem isn’t the controller? How long has this been going on?

I had the same problem. The sustain pedal was not working in Cubase Artist 8.5 with my AKAI MPK261. Standalone Synths (e.g. Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard EP) worked just fine. Also MIDI-OX showed perfectly normal MIDI data. Interestingly, the MIDI Activity indicator (in the transport toolbar) showed activity. So Cubase was clearly receiving something but not forwarding it to the instruments! The Cubase MIDI Monitor however did show no MIDI data. So Cubase was clearly swallowing signals without being to consious about it. After an allnighter I have found out where. Here it is: You need to navigate to (and I have that only in German):
Menu Geräte --> Geräte konfigurieren --> Fernbedienungsgeräte --> “Spur Quick Controls” and set “MIDI Eingang” to “nicht verbunden”.
In an english Cubase version that is probably as follows:
Menu Device - Configure device --> Remote Control Devices --> “Track Quick Controls” and then set “MIDI Input” to “not connected”.
As I said, this took me the better part of a Saturday night, so hope this helps as I have found this sort of question many times in the internet but never this answer if any.


Sustain Pedal, or other MIDI CC, can be blocked even by other Remote Controls like Mackie Control, Generic Remote, etc. It could be also filtered out in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter.