Sustain Pedal editing gone mad!

Hi - recently updated to 13

I’m trying to edit the sustain pedal information and it’s behaving VERY strangely.

It used to just toggle between 127 and 0 (hold on / off) now it does very strange in between stuff too.

Anybody else have this problem?


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Used to look like this…

Now Looks Like This…


Which CC does it send, please?

Switch the CCs from the Ramp to the Jump, please.

CC64 (Sustain)

I forgot about Jump / Ramp - I’ll give that a try!



CC64 should be forced always to work in the Jump mode. But there is a known issue. If you set the Key Editor to the Ramp and you are recording next controller in top of the existing one, ale CCs become auto-reduced. What is the issue, you are probably facing.

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