Sustain pedal for slides please help going insane!

I’ve read numerous posts on this topic but cannot get my head around what is happening here, please help.
ok, so I have a sustain pedal connected to M-Audio keyboard.
I’m trying to trigger slides using Scarbee Rickenbacker which uses sustain pedal to do so.
Rickenbacker shows the slides happening and I can hear the slides being triggered. Great.
I press record and again can hear the slide while recording.
For the very first playback I can sometimes hear the slide, after that no slide and just two notes can be heard from then onwards!!

In the midi track I can see it is picking up the pedal, see screen shot of the midi monitor, though I have seen a message appearing saying outside prefetch. Again not sure what this means (even after searching).

In the midi editor window I can sometimes see the sustain values , 127 and 0 with the data and sometimes not like shown on the screen shot.
This seems weird.

Anyone got any clues?
Thanks in advance


Double check the Preferenes > MIDI > MIDI Filter. Make sure, the Controller or specifically MIDI CC64 is not filtered out for the Record or Thru, please.

I’m also wondering, why the value, you sent, is 22. I would expect 64 or 127, if you press the Sustain Pedal.

Hi Martin, thanks for the response.
Midi filter looks fine see screen shot.
Re-tried the pedal and took another screen shot to show the results.
Please let me know next steps!
Thank you


Both of the screenshots look OK to me.

Sorry, I don’t know the instrument. Are you sure, the Sustain Pedal is the default way?