sustain pedal in cubase 5

Hello everybody!

I use Cubase 5 and the midi controller Studiologic VMK 176 plus.
I am facing problems while using my sustain pedal.
To be more specific, when i press down the sustain pedal while at the same time i am moving to the next track,
the last note played in the previous track still remains so you can hear it during playing in the next track.
The sound of that note stops only if you go back in the previous track and play exactly the same note while
holding down the sustain pedal!
So you understand it is very risky for me to bring my VST instruments via cubase in a live performance…
I prefer this type of playing (removing hands from the keys while keeping foot on the sustain pedal) just to succeed
a more softly navigation from track to track.

Any help would be apreciated
Thanks in advance