Sustain pedal in Cubasis 1.7 does not work

Pressing the sustain pedal of the MIDI keyboard controller allows keys play just once, then there is no sound until you take off the sustain. Please fix this bug!

Wha…I just got Cubais’ for me and my daughter thinking/believing the bugs would be worked out…by now?
The only way I can address this ridiculous "feature?"Is join this cat in their complaints’ ! ???
It’s not the hardware ( we trying about 2 different keyboards 3 sustain pedals &4 midi connectors plus 3 different iPads including the newest with 128gigs & 2 operating systems! Wow ! This is “USELESS” for "performancesness’ "!
So if anyone knows how to start a “topic” till I do may I suggest this -
[CUBAIS’s “USELESS” for "PERFORMANCE’NESS ] it’s just got that ring about it that the “BIG BOYS” don’t want to hear or that they do ???what do you think???