Sustain Pedal is recorded but not played by Halion Sonic SE other instruments work just fine

Hey everybody,
I can’t find a solution for my problem.
When I use the sustain pedal in retrolouge or other vst instruments it works just fine.
But when I use in in Halion I can’t “hear” it. It’s recorded, i can see that in the “box” under the midi notes but when I play the midi keyboard or play the recorded part in halion it just plays everything without sustain.
Anybody have an idea?

Thanks for your help.

HALion is multimbral, so is it possible that your sustain pedal is sending on a different MIDI channel perhaps? That’s the main difference than many other VSTi’s, really.

With that in mind; Have a look and see if any of those channel numbers light up when you press it - that shows which channel has MIDI input being received into HALion (And yes it lights up if you only press sustain on it’s own too):-

If your pedal is going to a different channel then you can change it on your hardware, or control the MIDI channel for that track here:-

I would say check your MIDI filter and if MIDI CC64 is being mapped elsewhere in Cubase, but you say it works in other instruments fine.

One other thing, make sure you’re trying it on a preset that will respond to sustain pedals - i.e. load up a basic piano sound. Because not all presets will sustain due to their characteristics.

Hi, thank you for your help.
In Halion the “Number one” is flashing when i play a note on the piano, but not if i press the sustain pedal. I tried basic piano instruments which support sustain.
In other Instruments it is flashing both times.
I tried to reinstall Halion but that’s not helping either.
I also have the problem that cubase is crashing everytime I start it, and I have to delete the Preferences during the second start attempt to make it start.
It always crashes while VST2 - something…

Somehow it worked to remove VST2 in the Plugin Information, now cubase is starting normal and sustain works again in Halion.