Sustain Pedal keeps sustaining without pressing it.

Hello there!
I’m using Cubase Elements 9 with a Midid keyboard (Novation Impulse 61), a sustain pedal and interface Steinberg UR22mkII. Everything works fine, except for the sustain pedal. The pedal does sustain notes the right way, however, some random notes keep being sustained after being played, after unpressing the pedal. I’ve tried the sustain pedal with another keyboard and that worked fine so it’s not the pedal itself. I think it’s somewhere in the Cubase Elements 9 settings.
Can somebody please help?

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Hi and welcome,

It sounds like hanging notes, to me (it’s not the Sustain, just there is missing Note Off message).

What is the output of your tracks? Is it a virtual instrument, or hardware? If it’s VSTi, could you try to change Buffer Size? If it’s HW, how is it connected (USB/MIDI)?

What happens, if you click MIDI > Reset?

Hey, thanks for your reply!
Midi Reset didn’t work. The problem turned out to be that my Midi-keyboard was plugged in via both my interface, and directly into the computer for power supply. So Cubase received 2 active Midi imputs from the same keyboard and that was why it didn’t work properly. I just turned the midi Input of the keyboard directly into my computer at Non-Active and it’s all working now :slight_smile: