Sustain Pedal keyboard shortcut

How can I create a keyboard shortcut for Sustain

Hmm, I didn’t find it in edit-> preferences-> key commands either, but I’m not sure that there isn’t a way to map it.

In the mean time, you know that typing SHIFT+P brings up the popover, and typing “ped”, or generally anything close to the technique name you are looking for works? I like the popovers since I probably wouldn’t remember all of the shortcuts that it would take. I will confess that I tend to do that once, copy it and paste if I have a lot of them.

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It doesn’t seem that you can map specific playing techniques to key commands yet. A little macro “poop+P+ped” is probably your best bet. You could accomplish this with third party software (KB maestro or AHK) or use a stream deck if you have one.

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Hi Romanos,
I am sure you didnt intend your shortcut to be so scatalogical!

No; that’s the sequence of keys you need to type in order to invoke the playing technique popover and input a pedal marking.

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@pianoleo look again… :smirk:

I’m cracking up. lol. Sorry all… I’m surprised there’s no filter to catch that. Whoops! (I guess I should leave it for a chuckle, although I won’t be offended if the admins decide to edit it.) :rofl:

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Well, they HAVE been willing to completely re-imagine the user input paradigm. I guess the name stream deck is obviously already taken.

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