Sustain pedal level changes

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I entered level changes for a sustain pedal line, see handwriting in attached image, left hand of a piano part.
Normally I would expect the pedal line to keep going up until the end.
But Dorico produces a downward lurch at the very end which I don’t understand, since the entire second half of the bar is designated as 1/4 pedal, and full pedal doesn’t come again until after the bar line.
(Before someone else says it: no, sustaining the notes over those pauses does not change anything here.)

I think by default the end level is 1, so the downward slope is travelling between the 1/4 depression and the end. You can change the end level in Engrave mode: select the pedal line, and either use the End level property in the bottom panel, or drag the middle handle on the end of the pedal line upwards.

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Thanks so much- I had only considered the properties in Write mode…