sustain pedal midi end point???

I have read elsewhere that this is a new “feature”.
However, I cannot find how to nudge the sustain endpoint at key editor.
There is no point there to click, hold and move (as it is for the beginning of sustain).
What am I missing?


You can create a common node on the Sustain Pedal CC line, and put it down to 0. This is valid Sustain Pedal Off MIDI Event.

(Very often – but not always, therefore I wouldn’t recommend it as a general approach – the Sustain Pedal is only a switcher. So you can send value < 64 which is Sustain Pedal Off; it must not be 0; But some MIDI devices are using continual Sustain Pedal, or at least more then 2 layers)

I can add points but I cannot drag them past the end of sustain in order to prolong it. If I do that they seem to attach themselves to the next sustain, i.e. as a starting point of the next one.


I’m sorry for my poor English, but I’m not sure I understand you right.

Make sure the Snap to Grid is disabled. So you can move the node freely. Or do you mean, the Node is placed behind the MIDI Part border? If you write it as a MIDI Controller, all data are global for the whole MIDI Channel. So even if it’s behind the MIDI Part border and another MIDI Part is there, it’s applied to the other MIDI Part.

The moment the new point passes the end of the sustain event it establishes itself as a start point of a new sustain event! This is so frustrating. Does this have to do with some setting?

PS I cannot even record a new pedal part. Even when I delete the old midi controller points and try to record new information, the old ones still take hold (“invisibly”)!


Could you attach a screenshot, please? How does it look like and what do you want to achieve?

Ok, from the link below you can download a video showing what I am trying to do. I am trying to prolong the sustain pedal duration. I add a point and drag it to the right but it right after identifies itself as a beginning point of the next event. Only way to do it is grab the whole rectangle to the right and prolong the beginning to the left. But it is so tedious. Why is there not an end point/handle anymore?


I don’t really understand, why this is not possible.

But in any case, the correct solution would be to shift the Sustain Off (0) to the right side. Not to add more Sustain On message. The Sustain On message would be overwritten by Sustain Off anyway. Don’t think about it as a blocks. These are switchers On/Off.

How do I shift it if there is no point/dot to drag along?


The bottom of the window is hidden behind the Start panel. Resize the window or maximize it.

:astonished: so it was that…