Sustain Pedal not recording in Halion Sonic SE2 with Cubase 9

Can anyone tell me how to record the sustain with a sustain pedal in Cubase 9? I’m using a Casio keyboard to record MIDI, but I can’t seem to get it to hold the notes when I press the pedal. It works when I monitor the sound, but it just won’t record it. Everything is in staccato. Help!

Hi and welcome,

Make sure MIDI CC64 is not filtered out in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter.

Also make sure the CC64 is not used in any Remote Device in the Devices > Device Setup, please.

Thanks for the response Martin. I checked that and I don’t see any CC64 filters for the sustain pedal I know it’s registering because when I hit the sustain pedal, the midi input monitor flashes. It just won’t record when I press the pedal for some reason. Any other suggestions?

Could you try to record a ssection of ONLY pedal, then open the midi part in list editor and see if there is any data.

I did that and it seems to be working! Not sure why but I guess I’m good. Thanks for the help!