Sustain Pedal: Not recording input

Hi There,

  1. My Cubase 6.5 is not recording sustain pedal information. Can anyone help point me in the right direction to remedy this?

  2. Also, why is the sustain pedal defaulted to the same CC as ‘mute channel 1’? Everytime I start a new project, I have to go into the remote settings and change the CC. Am I missing something here, set something up wrong?

Shouldn’t I be able to just plug in a sustain pedal and play/record effortlessly?

Using an m-audio standard sustain pedal, into an m-audio oxygen 61 (Win 7 64 i7 2700k, 16GB ram).

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

That sounds like a keyboard issue, not a Cubase issue. Unless you’ve put a filter or mapper in somewhere.

EDIT: And yes, it should be effortless because Cubase is just sitting there listening and recording whatever comes in … assuming you haven’t enabled some filter or mapper somewhere.