Sustain Pedal Not Recording Sustain

I can’t seem to figure this one out. On my controller I use a sustain pedal. In the cubase, when I play a sound and trigger the pedal on my controller, the sound sustains. However when I record the midi, it doesn’t record the sustain. Any thoughts?

And I just discovered something really weird. So it turns out that cubase does record the sustain, but it’s not showing the not as being lengthened by the sustain. So on the playback it will show the note cutting off when I release a key, but the sound will keep playing as it’s sustained.

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That is the way it is supposed to work, Cubase are will show the length of time you physically held the note down.

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Are you sure? Because on past controllers it’s always sustained the midi as long as the sustain was pressed down.

Look in the Cubase manual for
Pedals to Note Length