Sustain pedal not supported!!?

Am I to understand that Cubasis does NOT support editing of sustain pedal messages? It only seems to alter every single note played into it to mimick what the pedal did, but the result is this: no way to edit the pedal, and no way to successfully edit the notes that were recorded while playing the pedal.

Or maybe I am just overreacting, and have not found where they are hidden? I hope someone on this forum can help me find them, because $50 for an app that cannot handle sustain pedal editing seems to have been a waste.

Hello Lestro,

you are right. Cubasis does not support editing of sustain pedal messages.

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Ouch. I hope that’s on the list for v1.2…is it?

It seems to be slightly bizarre but there is no editing of any control messages, eg pitch bend, modulation, etc. Even more bizarrely is that if you move or copy a track, the control info is not moved with it and therefore either goes out of sync or is missing, depending on what you are doing. And if you then record something without (eg) pitch bend into somewhere where it was, it is still there, somehow deatched from its original track! This needs to be all sorted out soon - but i am sure that Steinberg are aware of this.


yes, we are aware of this problem. It is planned to have this fixed with the 1.2 update.

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@Frieder. Good news, thanks for the quick response.

Is pedal editing going to be part of the next update?

If I had know sustain and other controllers were not editable, I would not have purchased this app.