Sustain pedal not working!

Ive just recently purchased cubase 6 and an imac, i hooked it up to my technics electronic piano for the first time this week, no matter what I do, my sustain pedal doesn’t work. It works fine when not hooked up to anything but with cubase the sustain pedal isnt recognized.

Are my settings wrong? Can someone help? its been 3 days and its really frustrating!


In Cubase the Sustain controller data is is recorded on CC64. Please have a look to the manual of your keyboard, and have a look on which CC channel it is sending the sustain data.



Hi Chris

thanks but Ive got a Technics PR604. Ive looked through the online manual but cant seem to find anything related to the CC channel you had mentioned.

Are you able to help any further?

Just an idea - but tou might try inserting the MIDI Monitor plug-in to see what your keyboard is transmitting for the sustain pedal (if it does in fact transmit anything - often consumer keyboards don’t). Once you know what it is sending you could use the logical editor to convert it to CC64.