Sustain pedal on keyboard triggers weird noise....

I have set up a project with a VST Instrument track “assigned to” (?) The Grand. I’m playing this via my Roland XP80 but I’ve noticed that when I press and release the sustain pedal on the keyboard that it triggers a kind of reverb noise in my headphones (not unlike jostling a spring reverb). The more vigorously I “pump” the pedal, the louder the reverb “boing”. I’m really not liking it - any thoughts?

And if anyone can explain in simple terms what the difference is between a MIDI track that’s driving a virtual instrument, and an “Instrument” track, I’d be extremely grateful.



Isn’t that the function on the Grand that simulates the noise when you press and release the sustain pedal on the piano? It’s the sound you get with the real mechanism, so is a setting on the Grand - may be better asking in another forum? I’d imagine there’s somewhere to turn it off…

Instrument track - MIDI track and VSTi all rolled into one. Advantages are ease of use and simplicity as everything is all in one track - automation is readily apparent, etc. Disadvantages are that you can only use one MIDI track to drive it (so it’s a waste with a multi-timbral unit), and that they are limited to a single stereo output (so any VSTi with multiple outputs can only use its main stereo one, and some mono VSTis will not work as an instrument track).

Personally I use Instrument Tracks unless I have a multi-timbral synth where I will use more than one sound on it, OR where I have a multi-output synth and want to make use of those outputs. Otherwise I prefer instrument tracks as everything is in the same place, and I use a fair bit of automation which is not all in one place on a MIDI Track/ VST instrument setup.