Sustain Pedal problem

So I recently dusted off my Axiom 25 to see how it would or would not work with Cubase 10.5 and everything about it is in good order except for the sustain pedal. What happens is that, at least when using it to control Halion Sonic SE, while the sustain pedal messages are being received, they aren’t actually being registered by Halion Sonic.
As a troubleshooting test I recorded a sample piano part, and although the sustain pedal on/off messages were being picked up by the midi channel’s level meter (meaning when I stepped on the pedal the meter would be activated and show that it’s “working”), on playback of that part none of the sustain on/off actions were recorded. As a 2nd test I opened up a MIDI cc track, the one for CC 64 (Sustain) and attached to the just recorded piano part, and in “Read/Write” mode, I attempted to record a new sustain pedal midi part only while the piano part played and it was successful, the sustain on/off messages were recorded as expected. But then on playback those new sustain pedal messages were not registered by Halion Sonic apparently.
Does anyone here know of a solution for this situation?


Double check preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter. Make sure Sustain Pedal is not enabled (not filtered out) for neither Record nor Thru, please.