sustain pedal set up HELP !!!!!


I am trying to setup my sustain pedal with the akai mpk 49 but I am havein no luck with it, all I want is for the pedal to play the kick drum sound so I can use my fingers to play the drums and other stuff I am using Cubase 7.please help me setup the pedal all I want is for the pedal to play one sound and that would be the kick drum.

Aloha E,

In the future the ‘Computer / Studio Hardware & Setup’ is probably a better place
to post your question.

That being said try this:
Page 595 in the manual.

_The Input Transformer
This function allows you to filter out and change MIDI data coming to a MIDI track before it is recorded. The Input Transformer is very similar to the Transformer MIDI effect, but contains four independent “modules”, for which you can set up different filtering and actions. You can activate any or all of these four modules.
Here are some of the things the Input Transformer allows you to do:

  • Set up split keyboard combinations for recording left and right hands separately.

    - Turn a controller like a foot pedal into MIDI notes
    (for playing bass drum the right way).

  • Filter out one specific type of MIDI data on one MIDI channel only.
  • Turn aftertouch into any controller (and vice versa).
  • Invert velocity or pitch.

    Again: four of these things can be done at the same time._

HTH (hope this helps)

How is this done?