Sustain pedal suddenly not working

Hello everyone!

I’m currently using Cubase Elements 8. Everything has been running smoothly until last Friday when my sustain pedal magically stopped working. I’m using a M Gear pedal and a VMK-188 plus. I’ve checked various settings and even tried reprogramming the pedal a few times. I’m sure its a setting that got changed somewhere… I just don’t know where to look, thanks!


(It’s always disconcerting, these “sudden changes” :wink: )
First thing to check…
Create a MIDI track, and load MIDI Monitor as an Insert FX… do you see any activity when you press the sustain pedal?
Is CC#64 (i.e. “sustain”) being “swallowed up” by a Generic Remote Device or Quick Controls? (have a look in Devices menu>Device Setup).