Sustain pedal works when playing but when recording it doesn't recognize it

Well this is 1 weird problem that i didnt had before.

No matter which VST i use i can hear sustain pedal when playing example The Giant or Lounge lizard and everything works fine.
But when im recording it i can hear sustain while i play but when i play recorded track there is no sustain at all.

What ive done and it still isnt working.

Reinstall Cubase 9.5 Pro
Reset settings to default Cubase 9.5
Reseting my Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80

I didnt have this problem before everything worked fine ( Maybe a bad update)

And yea one more thing in the picture you can see those vertical lines and each one is when i press the sustain pedal.

That didnt happend before.

Im gonna try to install cubase without the final update but im still waiting your answers guys.

Have a nice day!

The lines are just Cubase indicating that there is controller data in the Part. Perhaps you previously had that off so you couldn’t see it. But that suggests the pedals were recorded. I’d look at the Part with the List Editor for anything odd.

Also check your settings in Preferences/MIDI/MIDI Filters