Sustain pedal

I dont have one, but it sure would be nice…

Synths that dont have a “hold” button should:p

Those padshop sessions where you just want a note held long without always having to press down on the keyboard…

  • i have a remoteSL controller (no mk2) and i just found out that if i stick my headphone plug into the sustain pedal slot, it acts like i am pressing down on a pedal:) loool , kewl!
  • my headphones are a sustain pedal now:p

I would advise against sticking your things into holes where they don’t belong …

:smiley: Lmao!

jokes aside, there is a little truth in that.
Just plopping a electronically delicate thing as a pair of headphones into something that might have control voltages that burn your headphones out in a millisec is not a good idea unless you want to buy new ones for no particular reason. Now in this case there are no dangerous voltages for a pair of headphones in a pedal input, but I’d try with some el cheapo instrument cable I got years ago that I don’t care about. And I gotta ask you what in the world were you expecting from your experiment? :confused: :laughing:

You can buy a sustain pedal for €5,-

I’ve got 2, they work fine.

Success… :wink:

:bulb: :laughing:

Insert controller 64 ON. Insert controller 64 OFF. Season to taste :wink:

No pedal required.

Tell that to all the pesky pianists who think they have to play in r e a l t i m e!!! :unamused:



Ya, I am one of those in fact, but handy to be able to mod it when needed after the fact. And I have many sustain pedals. I was just being a smartass! :smiling_imp:

→ what ulf said:p


string twangers… pfffttt! No issues with first takes and that bunch! :laughing: :wink:

Is that how Kal snagged Ada? :astonished:

ya betcha! :sunglasses: :laughing: