Hello guys,
I recently upgraded my equipment and got a nice MIDI controller keyboard; a KOMPLETE S49 MKII. much more integrated with CUBASE pro 12 without a doubt; better than the old Samson Graphite 49; but when I got to the “sustain” pedal I got scared… I have 4 pedals from 4 different brands - 1 M-Audio SP1; 1 Hammond FS-9H; 1 old Roland and 1 LFD-2 Lead Foot.
After several configurations with the different pedals and with the polarities inverted (in those that allow it) the best I could do was activate the “MUTE” key when pressing or releasing (inverted polarity). Does anyone have a similar device that works well (CC 64 in the Tip of the KOMPLETE KONTROL configuration jack) as I found on YOUTUBE several helps; does not work :frowning:
A pity because the keyboard is excellent. I know I can count on you to help me. In advance grateful; To-coruche