Sutain pedal

I cubase 12 artist, and Alesis keyboard.
I tried to add a sustain pedal M Audio SP 2.
When i create a track in cubase then when I press the sustain pedal it is muting the track, if I change the polarity it remains the same in the other way the track is muted and I need to press the sustain pedal to release the mute and play! How can I solve this !
Thanks for your help!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Mackie Control protocol is using the Sustain Pedal to mate the track.

Open Studio > Studio Setup. Make sure, there is no Mackie Control in the Remote Devices. If there is, make sure, the MIDI Input Port is set to Not Connected, or at least there is no ‘All MIDI Inputs’ or Alesis selected as the input.

Thanks Martin now it is working !