SVG graphic slices not absolute size?

I was trying a temporary workaround to fix this quandry, so I thought I’d just take a graphic slice of the notes I wanted to add, and add them as an SVG on top of the empty staff. I inputted the melodic fragment elsewhere in the project and made a graphic slice of it.

I’ve tried this every way from Sunday, but it seems the resulting SVG is not the exact same size as the original, since I can’t get the notes to align exactly on the staff lines. It’s darn close, but definitely smaller.

Am I missing something? I’m a huge fan of SVGs in general, but it seems sometimes they’re a bit more complicated than expected.

Edit: I did manage to fiddle around a bit with changing it to “Aspect fit” and changing the size of the frame, but obviously it would be nice to know the SVG itself was exactly the size as the original.

I’d be curious to hear about this with Graphic Slices in general. I make a lot of inserts which I’ll add later in Photoshop and have never found graphic slice exports to be the exact same size as what I have set up in Layout Options

They are exported at the same size as the original material, subject to any tiny variations in size that may be caused by conversion between different units used. If you’re using a bitmap format, there will be some truncation as values are converted to integers, but provided you have a sufficiently high resolution this should be undetectable. With vector formats, there may be some tiny loss of precision as floating point values are rounded or truncated to values of different precision, but this too should be undetectable.

I just don’t think that’s the case here. The SVG is measurably smaller than the original.

Well, you know what to do…

Sorry to be dense… do you mean upload a file that demonstrates this?

Here ‘tis: Dropbox - The Great Litany - Simplify your life

I took a graphic slice of the melodic fragment and tried to insert it as a “real size” graphic frame.

I’ve double-checked the dimensions of the SVGs exported from Dorico and they are precisely as they should be (you can check this for yourself if you look at the <svg> element in the exported SVG file: it describes the width and height in absolute units).

Ok, good to know the SVG is exactly the indicated size, thanks. But then when I create a large-enough graphics frame and choose “unscaled,” the SVG appears smaller in the frame.

I took a graphic slice of the figure on the left and imported it to the graphic frame on the right, but it’s not the right size. (the one on the left is a one-octave scale)

Dan, you may not be interested in a different approach to solve your “quandry”, but I would activate the caret in the troublesome bar, move it to a rhythmic position near where the noteheads are missing, create an instance of staff text, right-click to insert music text, select either noteheadHalf (U+E0A3) or noteheadBlack (U+E0A4), highlight the text and set the font size to 23.5pt. Then in engrave mode, I would set the property to allow collisions and nudge the notehead to the desired position. Finally, I would repeat this process for the other missing noteheads.

That’s pretty good solution actually. I did end up fiddling with the graphic frame size and got it to work pretty well.

I’m intrigued how you got the noteheads only into the slice without the staff lines.

I shifted them up above the staff and hid the ledger lines and the stems.

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