SVG in Dorico

This might be rather an Illustrator question than a Dorico question. As far as I know, the only vector-based graphics format that can be imported into Dorico is SVG, right?

The attached screenshot shows the result of a svg-file placed in Dorico, compared to how the svg-file looks in a browser.

The circles are defined in illustrator with no fill.

Any ideas what’s wrong with the file (“G.svg”)? I also attached the eps-version that can be opened in Illustrator (“G.eps”). (7.95 KB)
Screenshot.jpg (1.37 MB)

Try this.

Jesper (32.8 KB)

In your version the circles have disappeared…

Ok, now then.


I think you have to experiment with the svg export settings in Illustrator.
I used Affinity Designer and found some settings that works for Dorico. (32.9 KB)

Ok, this one works. Can you tell me what you did? Did you make changes to the eps-file or just fiddle with export to svg settings?

I opened the svg-file in Affinty Designer and exported it again from there but as you noticed (and I missed) the circle outline and some of the staff line were missing, had no line thickness for some reason so fixed that. Don’t use Illustrator anymore but remeber that I had to experiment with the export settings. Maybe choose an older svg-format.


If you’re using Illustrator, then I recommend that you export SVG graphics from there for import into Dorico using the “Tiny-SVG” profile, which is officially what Dorico is able to import (as it happens it will also try to import SVGs saved using the regular SVG 1.1 profile, but not all features of the full profile are supported, so your results may vary).

Great, that works, many thanks. I just had to find out that I needed the “save as” command in Illustrator rather than the “export” to find the “Tiny-SVG” profile.

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