SWA Complete Cubase 6 - Only $19.99 for a limited time.

For a limited time we have on sale our two Steinberg product tutorials, SWA Complete 6 and HALion 4 | In Depth, for only $19.99!!

SWA Complete Cubase 6

Cubase 6 Complete provides more than two hours of tutorials that build on the Quick Start videos that came with Cubase 6. Your purchase of SWA Complete Cubase 6 includes checklists, jacket templates, key maps and more, plus two free demo projects to work with.

These videos are intended for the intermediate to advanced Cubase User in the project or professional studio environment, or the home enthusiast who wants to get professional results in less time and fully utilize everything Cubase 6 has to offer.

View a sample at http://streamworksaudio.com/products/cubase6-compl ete


I thought selling things on the forums was prohibited. Nothing but SPAM, IMHO.


Hi guys,

Our video tutorial, SWA Complete Cubase 6, is an extension to the getting started video that we produced and is found on the Cubase 6 Install DVD. So we are not really “spamming” the forum. We are simply extending a special offer to all Cubase 6 users, and members of this forum.

Thank you,

If it’s against the rules for one to post things for sale it should be against the rules for all.

Seeing all of the basic newb questions on the forum, I wonder how good the “getting started” video actually is. :wink:

Hello guys,

We have got a cooperation with our friends from Streamworks Audio, they are allowed to post here their Cubase related video tutorial offers. :slight_smile:

I purchased the video and where do I find the 2 demo projects…

Amazing… When I was interested in purchasing the video I had great responses to my questions. Now that I have purchased it I can’t seem to get any response to my question!


Sorry for the delay - I have been away for the last little while and then there was the NAMM show last weekend. So my apologies as I was unable to check the forums as often as I would like.

Now to answer your question. The additional downloads are located on the videos product site…


Simply click the ‘Download’ button under ‘Additional Downloads’.


Hi Folks!

This weekend we are having a blitz sale! Get our ever popular SWA Complete Cubase 6 and HALion 4 In Depth for only $9.99 each!

SWA Complete Cubase 6
More info and a sample at http://streamworksaudio.com/products/cubase6-complete

HALion 4 | In Depth
More info and a sample at http://streamworksaudio.com/products/halion4_indepth


I just ordered both (even though I don’t own Halion yet). Thanks for letting us know!

I got swa C/B 6 complete the other day, it got me on a good running start, a lot farther than reading all the info in document’s. I just fallowed the chick moving along with her doing exactly what she said do Im new to this so I learned a lot very fast it was a good deal if you ask me thanks for it… Eddie Strange

Cool, hope you can offer a similar sale this weekend!
9.99 for new cubase 6 users. Awesome!
Holding my breath!

Anybody who wants to save a few bucks, use code BBA6C8F4 at checkout. It saves you 50% off the normal price, so it’s only $15 instead of $30

Thanks so much! Just ordered :smiley:

Hi Folks!

This weekend we are having a blitz sale! Get our ever popular SWA Complete Cubase 6 and HALion 4 In Depth for only $9.99 each!

Guess I’m late to the party. Been away for a long time.
Hit the link and it says $29.99

Is there a special code to enter, or this is officially over?


el profe

Whoops, just saw the post above for the 1/2 off code.
It still works (orig for facebook users) I liked the page too.

There’s also a special for $5 for a Reason 5 tutorial.

They’re all downloads, no physical discs or anything.
and in the 2 hr range… so you can take it all in at once or a bit at time and come back for review.

on with the motley,

el profe

I have to be honest. I bought this about 5 months ago in response to “Limited time offer” and I’ve seen the same price offered since then. “Limited Xmas offer”, Limited New years offer", “Limited Valentines day offer,” Kind of misleading campaign tactics don’t you think.
I have also NOT seen the errors in this tutorial fixed either (although I pointed them out 5 Months ago…)

Not trying to bash but let’s be honest with the people. It’s either a limited time offer or it’s not.

P.S. I liked the tuts ok but IMO Groove3 offers much more comprehensive tutorials.