SWA Complete Cubase 6 - Only $19.99 for a limited time.

Try reading before echoing:

Try thinking before bowing.

Yeah, good idea. Let’s think this ‘spam’ sticky topic away from the forum. [/sarcasm]

I already read that. So…uh…what? I am now un-entitled to an opinion?

Try being tactful before posting. :exclamation:

It is not spam. Simple as that. You may not like it, but I don’t see how ‘+3’ is an opinion. As admin crohde says: “We have got a cooperation with our friends from Streamworks Audio, they are allowed to post here their Cubase related video tutorial offers.” Note the words “we” (Steinberg), “friends” and “allowed”.

This will be my last post on this forum…EVER… I’ve been around since it was Cubase For Windows Users, then Cubase.net, and now finally folded into Steinberg’s “official” forum. aka 12+ years

All across the web, the history of forums have forbid the involvement of corporate advertising posts. The reasons for this are many, but chiefly this ban protects a forum from being overloaded with advertisements which crowd out the important conversations. The only reason a forum is worth visiting is for the interactive nature with other users.

You’re right. Steinberg owns this forum and has the right to do whatever they want. It’s my opinion that they have slowly killed this place. From poorly organized categories (VSTi-YamahaPlugins-3 total posts) to poorly managed announcements (Cubase 6 Trial Now Available… still a sticky… :unamused: ) to the exodus of all the senior members who actually know something about the software to the flood of newbies who can’t read a manual.

Honestly… there hasn’t been a good conversation here or helpful replies since it was changed from Cubase.net anyway.

See you guys at Cubendo.com or on the Facebook User Group.

Well I think it’s fine bringing our attention to special offers I’m just sorry I missed this great offer


and hope it’s repeated.

I don’t see how it’s not. I know what crohde said, but again I say, am I not entitled to still think it’s spam? Wait - I am.

Yep, Steinberg enforces the rules in a hap-hazzard way. From SPAM posts like this which go against the 3rd party advert rule to copyrighted material being left in the Music Forum.

They had it right for a short time, but now it’s back to the same old “My Way Or The Highway” routine.

It is their forum, but it takes away from their credibility when they don’t enforce the rules the same for all.

BTW, all of the info in these vids can be had for free from the special vid section on the forums to youtube. Anyone who buys this is a sucker. :wink:

How is this thread a sticky? What qualifies it to be so (and for that matter, the PadShop thread)?

steinberg made an official announcement earlier in the thread - this company has a contract with steinberg to do the videos that are included in product boxed versions so they get to place there notices here.

I reset my comjputer to factory and lost all my info and cant log in to SWA web sight to re download my cubase 6 download I cant remember the ID i used but you should still have my payment info I realy need the toturial back