SWA Complete Cubase 6 video tutorial 50% off!

Hi folks

This is to announce our 50% Special Discount Offer that
we are making on all orders for our sought-after video tutorial SWA Complete Cubase 6

Cubase 6 Complete provides more than two hours of tutorials that build on the Quick Start videos that came with Cubase 6. Your purchase of SWA Complete Cubase 6 includes checklists, jacket templates, key maps and more, plus two free demo projects to work with.

These videos are intended for the intermediate to advanced Cubase User in the project or professional studio environment, or the home enthusiast who wants to get professional results in less time and fully utilize everything Cubase 6 has to offer.

For more and for a sample please visit:

Regular price for this video is $29.99 - get it now for a limited time for only $14.99!!

We hope you will take advantage of this offer!

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Great, post this where someone like me - who just spent $30 on the 15th of May, 2011 - might miss it! :smiling_imp:
Why not post this in your original post, the one at the top of the C6 forum posting list, eh?

And that aside, the ‘Preset Folders’ included in the purchase do not actually open in C6 upon clicking on the Cubase icon. Got a fix for this? And, yes, I posted this on the ORIGINAL post by SWA, the one I am refering to above. :unamused:

If you are having a problem and require support please use our support system at http://helpdesk.streamworksaudio.com - unfortunately we cannot guarantee support here in Steinberg’s forums.


Alright Chris, my concerns and complaints have been sent to SWA.

I just purchased it, and can I make a suggestion for the SWA Cubase 6 video? It would be much better if the chapters were separated into folders, with the sub-topics being separate video files. As it is, as a single 2 hour and 44 minutes video file, without even an index for where each subject is located in the file is kind of amateur and is ridiculously in-accessible. The ASK Cubase 5 tutorials did an alright job, particularly after the first “level” (the player for which was a bit rougher). Could a download please be made that separates the video into separate files chapter/topic, and that gives a proper index? Thanks.

Have you tried it with QuickTime? There are chapter points with QT. I agree it’s a pain but I understand why it’s done this way.

Right click on the (SWA Complete Cubase 6.m4v) file then open with Quicktime Player and you will see all the chapters … really nice job and for 15$ its a real deal

Have a Great Day

[quote=“Michel Doucet”] … really nice job and for 15$ its a real deal

Second that! :slight_smile:

Ok, I can see the chapters in Quickime, thanks.

My compliments on this production. There are a few real gems in there. Thanks.

I get no chapter list viewing with Quicktime or Win Media Player.
Is it possible I have downloaded an incomplete file?
My file is:
SWA Complete Cubase 6.mp4, 02/03/2011, 1,353,219 KB.

I re-downloaded and the file I got is a *.m4v. It now shows the chapter list.(previous file was *.mp4)


Did this offer expire yet? There’s no discount shown on the SWA site.

I second that - only just noticed the sticky as I tend to ignore them (yeah I know that’s the point of a sticky!)

:confused: Bought my copy at the full price a couple of weeks ago. I was pleased with the production initially until I realised chapter 4 is missing. I sent a support request and received a reply a couple of days later that I had to open it in quicktime to see the chapter list. I replied to say that I had already done this and sent back a screen shot of quicktime to prove that chapter 4 was missing. That was a week ago and I have had no response yet despite a couple of chase ups.

I hope chapter 4 includes hit points, because I could not find anything on hit points within the video tutorials - which I find one of the most tricky but potentially useful aspects to learn in cubase.

Good observation. I never noticed it before. Although Chapter 4 is indeed not included in Quicktime player chapter list, it’s still there following Chapter 3. You can see its title at 00:33:00. Probably some coding mistake, but nothing critical.

Thanks el-russo. I see what you mean, chapter 4 is there at 00:33. I have only had time to watch the first 20 minutes so far and just skim through the rest. I cannot find anything on the sample editor and use of hit points. Do you know if that is in the video somewhere?

Hi, KeyKruher.
I didn’t find extensive information on the sample editor anywhere in the video.

Hi el-russo
Thanks for that. I’ll start a seperate thread on sample editor tutorials and see what people come back with.

(AKA KeyKrusher)

folks, noticed if you follow Cubase on facebook there’s details on still getting this offer throughout August.

Just thought I’d give you the heads up! :wink:

Hi folks,

Our apologies regarding the missing Chapter 4 menu… we have corrected the video and there will be a new version available soon. The new version will have the missing chapter.

And as mentioned - fans and followers of Steinberg’s Cubase Facebook page… there is a 50% off deal being offered till the end of Aug. - you can get the code by becoming a fan of the Cubase Facebook page.

I will post again when the video update is complete.


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