SWA Fast Approach to Padshop - Pre-Order special

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As most of you know, Cubase 6.5 is here! And with this update come some new amazing sounding synths, that sound fantastic! One of those synths is the new Granular Synth Padshop. On March 5th Streamworks Audio will be releasing our SWA Fast Approach to Padshop - till then we are offering special Pre-Order pricing of only $9.99!

With the release of Steinberg’s Cubase 6.5 comes a couple of efficacious software synthesizers, and one of these is the new Grain Table Synth Padshop. Streamworks Audio’s In Depth tutorial on Steinberg latest, greatest synth is as comprehensive as the instrument itself. Padshop is a potent Granular Synthesizer in which your host and instructor Jeff Quebe takes you into the heart of and brings to light all that one can get out of this unique and amazing software synth.

What you will learn:

Understanding Granular Synthesis

This chapter begins with the granular concept and the looks at the use and function of controls only found on a grain-synth such as Grain Duration, Grain Position, and Grain Length. It also goes over how browse, search and load sample from the Padshop library.

Shaping Sound

This chapter covers using Padshop’s more traditional controls such as envelopes, amplifiers and filters to harness and control the grain-streams discussed in chapter one.

Integration, Automation & Options

This chapter covers the integration of Padshop and Cubase. It reviews some basic functions to help a new user learn both Padshop and Cubase functionality. We look at mapping, automation, quick controls and help resources unique to Padshop.

Modulation and Movement

This chapter looks at using the LFOs, Step Modulator and Modulation Matrix to add movement and rhythm to the sounds Padshop generates. We look at how to create rhythmic parts and how to add character to pads. You’ll also learn how to initialize Padshop and begin creating from scratch.

Effects & Tips

This chapter goes through the on-board Padshop effects units, their routing, structure and use and how to use them in concert with the Modulation Matrix and multi-layered patches.

For more info and to view a sample please visit http://streamworksaudio.com/products/padshop

Chris Hawkins

Hey all,
just wanted to let you know that Chris is making absolutely great Tutorial Videos! He did all of the C6 Tuts as well. Actually it is unbelievable how much you´ll get for the money, it´s a no brainer!


Well the sample video is really good, I would suggest anyone who owns Padshop at least watches that as it explains the basic controls of the main synth engine. Not sure if it was smart to make the most important part of the tutorial freely available, but I’m not complaining :sunglasses:

yes as strophoid said tmi and having a know how of synths i now not need to buy your stream as you have explained everything i need to know !
Cheers for that i’ll buy you a pint IF i see you in the local !


Hi folks,

Just a little note to say that the release of this video has been delayed by one day to the 6th. We apologize for the delay to those that have already pre-ordered this video. However, it does gives one more day for those that have not yet done so to save with the pre-order special pricing.


Hi folks,

This weekend we are having a sale on this video tutorial (SWA Fast Approach to Padshop) for only $12.99.


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