SWA HALion 4 In Depth Video Tutorial - Xmas Sale only $19.99

Streamworks Audio is pleased to announce that our in depth tutorial on HALion 4 is now ready for download!

The latest incarnation of Steinberg’s ever powerful virtual sampler instrument brings a wealth of improvements, new features and functions that take this sampler to the next level. all this power it might be easy to get overwhelmed, enter Streamworks Audio’s HALion 4 | In Depth. Instructor’s Donna Hanson and Walter Hunnicutt (instructors of SWA Complete Cubase 6 and SWA Complete Reason 5) will walk you through the vast feature set of this almighty sampler instrument, providing clear concise understanding of the topics at hand.

HALion 4 In Depth takes you through all the major facets of HALion 4. This video series provides a structured approach to learning HALion. We will focus on the functions and capabilities users need to know to get the most out of this remarkable instrument. The course provides enough theory to understand HALion but illustrates that theory with hands-on examples to get you up and running quickly.

The chapters on Zone and Sound editing will provide the studio performer with everything thing they need to adapt the Steinberg library to their projects; or create entirely new programs

The chapters on performance controllers provide a lot of firepower in both the studio and the live environment.

And the Sample Editing and File Handling chapters will help you integrate your existing sound libraries using HALion.

Topics covered by your instructors

Hidden features and work flow
Program structure and editing processes
How to create and edit samples
How to use HALion as a synthesizer (sound creation)
How to use HALion as a synthesizer (sound design)
How Key Switches work to unlock more flexibility
How to use the Flex Phaser to build parts quickly
More advanced Sample Editing
Libraries importing and mapping

For more info and to view a sample visit:


I bought this tutorial about 2 days from the time of this post. I must say that it is an excellent tutorial. I owned Halion Sonic and upgraded to Halion 4 and I have just been loading presets and going and really did not understand the structure and workflow of Halion 4. However after purchasing and watching this video I have a much clearer understanding of Halion 4 and it’s workings and it’s signal chain. It helped me with the basics, but also provided enough depth in the info presented to help me to go deeper into the realm of sound design in Halion 4. If you are a beginner I say this is a no brainer, if you are intermediate I would suggest this video also, if you are coming from any of the older version’s of Halion, from what I hear about the changes from H3 to H4, this video could also benefit as well with getting acclimated to the new interface and workflow. Thanks to SWA for putting out quality content in digestible portions for any user who wants to get up on thangs in Halion 4!

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just thought I would stop in to say that we also have this video (and our Cubase 6 video tutorial) on sale for only $19.99 till Nov 24th!

For more info and to view a sample please visit http://streamworksaudio.com/products/halion4_indepth


All though Black Friday has come and gone… we are for one more day extended our Black Friday promotions. Till teh end of Monday Nov 28th… get our HALion 4 | In Depth for only $14.99!



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'Tis the season to save at Streamworks Audio where it is starting to look a lot like Christmas. We have our highly praised HALion 4 | In Depth Video Tutorial on sale for only $19.99!

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To view a sample please visit http://streamworksaudio.com/products/halion4_indepth