Swap Audio with another Audio Event rather than Audio File


There is this cool feature that allows you to replace the audio of audio events/tracks with another file to avoid having to redo editing etc.

Here is a quick video showing how it works
How to replace Audio Clip (Event) in Cubase easily - YouTube

However it doesn’t work with audio events from within Cubase, only with external audio files from the drive or media bay.

Is there any way to perform such a “swap” but with another audio event in Cubase?


Not that I am aware of. What would be the use case?

I render tracks to audio very often and often have to go back to the instrument, edit it and render it again. In that case I could just drop the new render onto the old one and keep all edits, direct offline processes etc intact.

Would it be ok to do the following? Render the second version, delete the event form the project. Then follow the video showing how to replace audio by chosing a clip in the Pool.

Also, beside the options when import: All and Only this, it would be nice to have All, but only on this track. It’s very useful for layering when you copy the channel and want to keep the original and to add second layer of different sound to the second (copied) track.

Yea, thanks. That would be a good workaround, but of course not too swift.