Swap Cubase 8.5 for Hedgehog

Hi all, I am looking to reduce the excessive spikes in my home studio. I am contemplating swapping out Cubase and replacing with a large hedgehog. I believe this will give me way less spikes. Also as Cubase is virtually unusable I will get far more enjoyment out of the hedgehog. Has anyone tried this this, what results did you get?

Any comments appreciated.

I’ve tried this. The hedgehog kept running away when I tried to stick the dongle in.

Ah yes, you can resolve this by going for a dual hedgehog system so they play nice together.

Having looked at a working with hedgehogs for music, I gave up, mostly because they were a bit flat.

Although I feel there is still room for improvement by Steinberg regarding performance.

Regarding your system specs which is similar mobo to my main system Pz877-v pro i7 3770k @4.5ghz, when are your spikes occuring?
what OS are you on? Are you running ASUS suite by any chance?
have you run a DPI latency check?

for reference mine runs between 5-7 constant withoutan ASIO app running.

or windows 10:

this can also help in getting rid of anything that might be interfering:


Hi, I recently ran latencymonitor on Win10 and was getting around 100 - 200 which i though was ok.
However I am unsure what was running in the background.

My problems started when I upgraded to cubase 8 and at same time replaced UR22 with UR44.
Your system is very similar. I am wondering if I could possibly load up some tracks with VST, take some screen shots and send to you to load up and compare? Do you have any Native instruments, omnisphere or Steinberg plugs ins so I could create a demo for you to upload and would be like for like?

your help would be greatly appreciated.

I see you posted in this previous discussion,

I have an MSI Nvidia GTX 670 graphics card which has never caused problems prior to C8. Does anyone else have same card on C8 without issues?

I take it you have tried just switching to internal i7 HD Graphics? just to eliminate your MSI GTX 670.
my system runs two monitors running off the internal HD graphics.

Although i do have omnisphere 2 and Komplete (and most of the usual suspects, mostly back to hardware these days though) I do not get unusal spikes with these or other plugins. I am running windows 7x64 pro so am not sure how much this will help you with a test my end. My system will be running completely different drivers to your windows 10 drivers. Also, my Audio hardware runs with latest RME drivers and is not USB.

Maybe get everything running bear bones, nothing plugged in except soundcard, keyboard mouse, and your ASIO driver at startup + internal graphics. see if anything changes. I take it hyperthreading is already enabled in your BIOS? it def’ should be. windows 10 also needs a load of useless background stuff turning off.

It is extremely frustating this sort of thing, let us know how you get on. Right now though i’m out of time…back to work.

Maybe switch your PC for something that works, if you want to make music? Although hedgehogs are quite fun!!!

thanks for your reply. I have tried everything i can think of including complete format and re-install so time ago.
I think I would like to go back to windows 7 x64 so may remove C drive as it is and stick a spare hard drive in and install windows 7. I think I can go backwards and use same serial I used to upgrade through to windows 10?
I will also remove my GTX670 although i had no problems earlier. Actually I think I have a back up of windows 7 on a partition without any other programs including Cubase installed. This may be a good starting point for me and save a lot of time. I will check latency etc and then install cubase and keep checking as i install more components of cubase.

I have been looking at what other users have as a setup and was considering changing to iMAC. It seems you can find users of totally different high spec machines with same issue?

I dont want to spend more money and end up with the same issue :frowning:

Running on Hackinstosh here, with 0 issues. Very solid system.

What a disappointment. I was hoping Hedgehog was some great DAW program that I had never heard of.

Unless you’re thinking of getting a brand new Mac I’d stick with Cubase, as Hedgehog doesn’t play nice with Mountain Lion or Snow Leopard.

It sounds like you’re planning some really radical changes!
The first thing I would do would be to remove the Nvidia card.
That would just take a minute and would likely fix your problems.