Swap left and right outputs possible?

Bit of an unusual request perhaps - One of my ears has reduced sensitivity to higher frequencies, so when I mix I have to constantly swap my headphones around so the ‘good’ ear hears each side - and forget about speakers!

Is there a way to set things up to quickly swap/toggle the left and right stereo outputs within Cubase?


You can use the Stereo Balanced Panener to do so. But I would search at KVR Audio for a free plug-in doing this, which would sit on the Output channel, which you would just switch the Bypass state.

DMG TrackControl (freeware) can do that e.g.

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Hi Martin, thanks for your reply - followed your advice and found a free plug in called “Stereo Swapper” in KVR - does exactly what I wanted and does mono too - awesome!

Many thanks fese, - looks like DMG TrackControl plug-in does the job too