Swap measures... horizontally?

I like the swap command in the edit > paste special menu, which appears to work between different staves vertically (I can swap an oboe part with a clarinet part).

Is there such a thing where I can swap selected measures for the same player (horizontally)? Kind of like a shuffle edit of sorts. Of course I realize I can cut/copy paste elsewhere and then re-arrange manually (or use ‘i’ and then cut/paste so it ripples down), but I was curious if an option already exists? Sometimes I have something with maybe complex rhythms and want to hear it simply re-arranged in time.

Have a go activating Insert mode, selecting the first half that you want to swap, then moving it rhythmically – you might be limited by the maximum duration of the rhythmic grid though, and I can’t remember much more than that off the top of my head I’m afraid!

Or, use one of the transformation tools, like rotate pitches/rhythms.


Thanks Lillie! I knew about insert mode but wasn’t aware it could work that way with the mouse. That seems to do the trick for me!