swap one VST with another ?

i have some old session that won’t open correctly.
mainly it’s because a updated a plugin and the new plugin has a new name.
for exemple “Pianoteq” goes “Pianoteq (64)”
why isn"t there a way (or maybe there is ?) to tell cubase to swap vsti in the same slot so we don’t loose the track settings for that plug (sends / outs / eq / inerts etc…).

You can? Is it an instrument track? Just select a new one in the inspector

Like so?

Did I understand you correctly?


thx for your answer.
well i never use instrument tracks because i don’t think you can have multiple outputs (right) ?
i only use the VST instrument window and link MIDI channels to those VSTi.
But no that’s not exactly what i ment.

in the pianoteq exemple i give i want to swap “Pianoteq” with “Pianoteq (64)” but don’t want to loose the settings in it’s channel (eq / inserts / automations)
the only way i find to do that is to creat a second VSTi “Pianoteq (64)” near the old “Pianoteq” and then store/load preset from inst track + copy past all automations !
when you have 16 stereo out (like kontakt) this is time consuming !

Yes - instrument tracks can have multiple outs now.

you mean in 7.5 then ? because not in 7

Yes, he ment in 7.5