Swap pc (and back) without losing settings

Hi everyone, I’m here to ask for some advice. I’m on 12.0.52.

Sometimes I have to go home and want to continue editing, perhaps on the voice with VariAudio or by warping a drum set. Stuff like that. Naturally at home I don’t have a dedicated sound card (I use Asio4all) nor all the hardware / MIDI connections and controllers I have in the studio nor the plugins installed.

So, I was wondering: is it possible to take home a project and work on the audio editing without losing the audio/MIDI/VST connections once back in the studio? I hope I was clear.

Just make sure you save the connections presets in and out and the control room . Load them up before opening a project. If you do it after you load a project there is no guarantee the routing will be ok. The midi should be fine but remember you will be saving the project at home so there may be still problems. I regularly swap projects with a friend on a totally different audio interface and don’t find it that hard to get going.

So the simple answer to the question is no and maybe but there are ways to pull it back