swap staff content problems

Sorry guys,

the ‘swap stuff content’ could be of great help, but dynamics are not swapped, notes without noteheads (just stems) are not swapped…

Maybe I do sth wrong, but especially the fact that dynamics are not swapped (although marked) makes the function pretty useless for longer passages…then I’d better copy paste to empty instrument-staves and copy paste back to staves I need…

In our defence, the feature isn’t called “swap staff contents”: it’s called “swap” and it’s intended for notes only, at least as things stand. I agree that expanding it to other kinds of items in future would be helpful.

For now, you can do this for longer passages reasonably easily without needing an intermediate third staff: copy the contents of staff 1 to the clipboard, select the contents of staff 2 (but don’t copy to the clipboard), then Alt+click to staff 1, then paste on staff 2.

ah yes, it’s called ‘swap stuff content’ in Notation Express - sorry :slight_smile:
Dorico can’t be 100% perfect and the astonishing thing is, that there are workarounds for pretty much everything.
Thanx for the help Daniel. The Alt+Click thing works perfectly…
Though it’s still a pitty that notes with only stems and without noteheads are not copied - not with normal copy-paste and not with Alt+Click.

Yes, if you can’t select something, you can’t copy it. We’re aware of that problem but it’s a bit of a condundrum as to how even conceptually we should change it, let alone from a technical point of view.

Yes, I can hardly imagine how difficult this would be…I think the only solution would be that noteheads and stems are treated as 2 different objects and not as 1 object (which seems to be the case at the moment). But maybe that’s stupid talk. And even though, I could imagine that you would have to do a lot of re-programming if you would treat stems as an extra object (positioning and and and and and).
Thanx anyway Daniel