Swap voices display bug

When you swap voices, if there are articulations applied to the notes, the articulations don’t display after the swap. They are still there as indicated by the articulation panel when notes are selected, but don’t display in the score correctly. It can be remedied by switching between galley and page mode and back.

I’ve tried this on a small test score and can’t get it to fail. So maybe this is only a problem for scores created on an older version, or very large scores.

OK, here’s as small test score that fails. Open it and then swap voices on the whole measure.
test.dorico.zip (468 KB)

Thanks for reporting this, Dave. I will make sure it gets looked into.

Something similar happened to me while I got rid of stems in engraved mode on a bunch of slash-headed quarter notes. The change did not display going back to write mode, but did after loading another layout and then going back.