Swapping audio interfaces within a project e.g Boss GT1000

Hi all
I have got the message loud and clear that I can’t run mutiple audio interfaces at the same time but I have both a UR44C and Boss GT1000 Core (USB Guitar Amp Sim pedal). The Core is fantastic and is available in Studio Setup as a port but I need my UR44C for everything else. If I change to the Core as my Asio device to record guitar parts am I asking for trouble when I switch back to the UR44C? Is this a familiar issue and if so can anyone kindly suggest a reliable workflow?

That should be fine – you might need to visit the Studio>Audio Connections dialog and/or create presets there. Try it out first to see what’s needed.

Thanks for the quick reply. Showing my lack of experience here! The presets seem like a great idea which I will definitely use as a safeguard.

You’re welcome!

Another thing you should double-check is that you use the same sample rate with both devices.

Ah OK so this will be dictated by the Core’s fixed sample rate!