Swapping bands in built-in EQ

Probably not a major issue for most, but I’ve happend upon it enought imes to coem here and write a post at least. And, hoping we soon get like 6 bands or something in the built-in equalizer, this will be even more valuable.

A lot of times I add a few EQ points quickly, and then I find myself having them in a messed up order (like 2 4 1 3), making it very non-intuitive to fine tune Q/bandwidth, Freq and Gain beneath. I know there is a feature to copy/paste EQ bands to other tracks - so why can’t I even copy/paste my band 2 to band 3 for example? I know you couldn’t paste a pass or shelf to bands 2 and 3 but swapping parametric points should be a no-brainer.

THIS IS WHAT I WANT: Ideally I would be able to just drag-and-drop one parametric band to another, which would swap them. Alt-dropping for example would paste the first one to the other, so that you’d have two identical bands.