Swapping between staffs

I’ve got a four-staff chord, and my first thought was to use the transform/rotate command to move the lower three up a staff and the top note to the bottom (where I would then transpose it).

As that didn’t work, I looked at Paste special/swap. that works between two staffs. I wondered if it could work on four staffs, but it appears to swap the top two, and the bottom two. Is there a way to rotate vertically?

One approach might be: select the lower 3 parts, cut, paste special>reduce into the remaining part. Revoice the chord, cut, paste special>explode back to the other parts.
(probably only works for simple cases, but perhaps worth a try?)

If one has a MIDI keyboard, my first thought would be to spread the caret over all four staves, lock duration, and simply re-enter the chord from the MIDI keyboard.

What I did was swap 3+4, 2+3, 1+2 and then adjusted 1.

@Janus’s suggestion might be quicker. Also, cutting the top note and pasting it into an adjoining bar, then c&p the lower 3 from 2-3-4 to 1-2-3, then c&p the top note back to the vacant staff & adjust it.