Swapping Cubase versions between computers

I used to use Cubase ai (last version used was ai 11) on my desktop computer. Last year I bought an upgrade to Cubase Artist 11 and installed it on my laptop, leaving ai 11 on my now unused p.c.
I now want to move Cubase Artist 11 onto the p.c. , using my e.licencer to validate the re installation.
Can I then use Cubase ai on the laptop? I still, I think, have it installed there but have never used it, as I put it there immediately before purchasing Artist 11. My intention would be to then uninstall ai from the pc.
I apologise if this sounds confusing. The idea is that Cubase Artist 11 would be more useful in my little studio, but Cubase ai is quite good enough to use at rehearsals and take to record music in situ etc. I have no idea if this is allowed or is possible.
Any help would be appreciated. I have been using Cubase since the 80s but am not a tech head, just a songwriter who uses Cubase for it’s possibilities in terms of arrangement and composition. Has anyone done this? I could, of course use Artist 11 on both computers and switch the e.licencer between them. Would that be easier? Thanks in advance.