Swapping midi map from computers

Hi guys, I’m sorry for all the questions the last days :confused:

I made a midi map for the vst “model combo f”
And I need to copy the midi map to the same vst on another computer… how do I do that?(exporting and loading midi map)

  • I need to export presets I’ve made in several VSTs…Where I could find those too?


What exactly do you mean by “MIDI Map”, please? Drum Map/Expression Map/MIDI Device…?

Never mind, I’ve found the solution, thanks^^


Could you share the solution for the others, please?

In combo f/v(free farfisa/vox organ vst) you can save/load the midi mapping you’ve made(c/user/yourname/appdata/*vstname"/“map name”)
The Load/clear/Save midi map on those vsts are right at the buttom edge of the gui.

BTW, i’ve ditched the idea of mapping every vst, im using generic remote (took me few days) but I can control all the parameters I need(including: volumes in halion, midi send enable+vst twicking for 4 independent vsts)

I think people are having a problem understanding what you are referring to because in Cubase there is no such thing as a “midi map” - there are plenty of midi things & a variety of map things so you probably mean one of those (which is why Martin asked in his 1st post), but which one?

Also folks here might suggest an easier or better solution if we understood what you were trying to do. :wink: