Swapping song order in Montage

I have a CD almost ready to go. Is there a fast way to swap the song order? It would be great if one could grab the song titles in the CD Window and reorder them and have the montage reorder the waveforms in the edit window. Timing would probably be off but it would save a few steps having to slide everything down to make room and futz with it that way. Not a huge deal but would love to know if there is.


There is likely more than one way but what I do is go to the CLIPS tab, and drag the clips around to the newly desired order:


I’d have to look closely at how well other song spacings are retained or if they are discarded somewhat.

If you use CD Track Splice Makers, you may have to tweak some of your marker TYPES if you move a song that is first or last in order to maintain a valid CD layout.

You can do this already if you use standard CD track Start and End markers. It doesn’t work with CD splice markers though, and the tracks are locked if you use splice markers, but it should work in the future when that’s changed. But the end-gaps are retained when the tracks are moved, so it should work as expected, and timing should not necessarily need to be re-adjusted unless you want to.

Right. I always use splice markers and when I tried to re-order the files in the CD tab, I got an error about not being able to move CD Track Groups within each or something odd. I didn’t have an CD Track Groups assigned or any overlapping clips.

So as Bob says, you might be able to drag and drop in the CD tab depending on your markers situation, but at the very least you can drag and drop in the CLIPS tab and as long as all Track markers are bound to their respective clips, it should get the job done for now until other improvements are made.

I just tried this for the first time in a long time on my montages with splice markers and it worked perfectly. End “gaps”, pre “gaps”, and edits all retained perfectly. Don’t know when this happened, but thank you PG. That’s great.