Sweet memories of Lounge

As I was today browsing the basement I dug out an ancient computer from the early 2000’s. And lo and behold I stumbled into some old scriptures from Cubase.net forum!

I so enjoyed in reading some of them and had many good laughs that I thought to share some with current loungers.

As you notice especially from the String Theory- thread, there was quite much latitude of topics then allowed in the forum. And still folks could discuss even controversial themes in a rather civilized way and have fun at the same time.

It is understandable that if you are either pro or hobbyist musician/cubaser, you don’t necessarily want always to discuss only music or Cubase, but also other interesting things in life, while still hanging around with colleagues. Perhaps that is part of the reason why the lounge is comparatively more silent nowadays.

So enjoy these often hilarious (meet for instance young Subpantelis from Subpantelopolis, a faithful friend of ours) but at the same time quite enlightening discussions. I hope you get as much fun out from them as I did. :slight_smile:


Btw the owner of all forum content is Steinberg. I assume that they will not object to providing links to a few old threads on their own site, because they don’t offer the material on line anymore themselves. But correct me if I’m wrong.

AZLBRAX! One should always get their minimum daily requirement of ultimate spinach! :sunglasses:


MikeE and boogie … sadly passed away from us. :frowning:

Well that was… interesting…

Hi Prism,
I added a couple more threads in memory of Mike and boogie. They were truly great and helpful guys (besides being solid guitarists).

If any other of you First Ones still are on this side of The Rim and lurking here, please say hello. :slight_smile:

Sub, you may say HELLO! HELLO! HELLO! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

A little before my time, I started here in 2008 on the blue forum. But I have heard many stories, and did read those threads years ago, I am saving them for posterity. Some of it is such contrast to what’s tolerated here now. Great stuff. String theory, I’d forgotten how wild that one was… :laughing:

Hello guys. Personally I miss being DJ_CAPSLOCK :slight_smile:

It’sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Bas!

When we were young, we always looked forward since there were lots of things to discover, and not much things to remember.
When we grew older, we started looking back at our achievements, and we were proud on what we had realised.
When we were really old, we only were looking backwards, since what the future had in mind for us, whas not very encouraging.
Perpetuum mobile of real life.
Just imagine what a cow or a pig is thinking, the moment they cue up in the slaughtery…
And yes, It’s sad that Mike and Boogie are no longer amongst us.
Never knew them, and i’m sure they were good guys… but at least we can still hope we will have a new version of cubase, probably at the end of this year.
So i guess, there is still no reason to lean heavily on the past of the forum, and i hope you all will contribute lots of post in the near future!
Let’s have a good time! It’s summertime after all.

kind regards,

Quoted from ZapAxe “I had a conversation with a Catholic priest when I rewired his rectory.”

Sounds painful!

Been missing Bas for a long time!

Reminiscing this thread in Cubase.net almost twenty years ago, it was the most off-topic discussion that I’ve seen in my life. I wish to retro comment on the actual topic. This theory has in these twenty years or so conquered many physics faculties as “the only game in town” in spite of producing zero prediction or any possibility or prospect to confirm it empirically. So it is pure speculation and mathematics, with no connection to real world. But they arrange conferences every year.

This post is on-topic about the question but admittedly off-topic concerning audio technology. As long as you are not taking in account the strings and their vibrations. Fun fun fun!

MikeE…my online mentor. :frowning: Never met him in person but his posts taught me all I needed to know about audio.